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The journey from conception through to the birth of your baby can be a mixture of diffrent experiences.

My aim and is to provide a support resource to help, guide and treat women from the pre-conception stage right through to the birth of their baby. By weaving together many different treatment skills, I can look after your health on many levels. This will help you attain and keep the best possible health and give the best environment for your growing baby.

Pre-Conception Health Care

One of the most precious gifts and legacies you can give to your future children is good health and an excellent immune system.

But how do we make sure we do our best to provide that?

How do we know if our body is really healthy and fit and has the right amount of vitamins and minerals it needs?

Health and Fitness is not just about how much exercise we do or how fast we can run, it is also about how healthy we feel too.

To explore ask yourself, how are you handling your busy-life? Have you got lots of energy? Do you sleep well and wake up feeling rested and refreshed? Do you feel happy most of the time? Are you confident and do you have a good level of self-esteem? These are all good indicators of our true level of health and wellbeing.

Do you have any back or neck pain or have muscle stiffness? Do you have sore, tight or painful shoulders? Do you suffer constipation or headaches? Do you get anxious, stressed or feel down? Are your periods regular? Do you suffer mood swings or cravings? What about your immune system? Do you get colds every winter or catch most bugs that are doing the rounds?

Food and nutrition is another area to look at. We all eat food every day but how do you know if there are any vitamins and minerals left in the food?

You can no longer take it for granted that our food even fresh and organic food is abundant with vitamins and minerals.

Food is now shipped to us from all corners of the world by air, sea and road. Our food is then transported to storage depots where supermarkets store it and then ship it on again to various stores up and down the country. By the time it appears on supermarket shelves it can be weeks and sometimes months old.

We purchase food and take it home to store, cook and eat so it is not difficult to see how our food could be vitamin deficient.

My work in the field of pre-conception care helps women access their health and nutrition before conceiving. It gives them time to look afresh at their health and their partners health and make the adjustments that will help them have good health and vitality.

The treatments include checking for any postural strains. I find we are all prone to collecting small strains from every day activities like driving, computer work, gardening, exersise and sports. These strains if left untreated can lead us to develop neck restriction, headaches, back-ache, tight shoulders which can then contribute greatly to our general health and vitality diminishing.

I use a mixture of Reflexology and Cranio-Sacral treatments to enable me to try and balance and influence your bodys systems. Good pituitary gland function is very important to being able to achieve conception.

I also find learning to relax and having quiet restfull time away from work and home all help to replenish our energy banks and are hugely therapeutic to our health and wellbeing.

Health Care In Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant looking after your health will directly affect the baby growing inside you. Taking vitamins and minerals and omega fatty acids will help support and replenish your system and will help the development of your baby through its many miraculous growth stages. Right from conception and the start of cell division your body will be the only source of nutrients for your growing baby. Its very survival will depend on you providing its growing nutritional needs.

It is also important for your own health too that you replenish and feed your system making sure you have plenty of vitamin and minerals and essential fatty acids. These will help you have good bone density, good cellular repair, hair and nail growth, and strong healthy teeth.

As part of looking after yourself during pregnancy I use gentle Cranio-Sacral treatments to help diminish the postural strains that can develop due to the change in your shape, increased weight gain and hormonal changes. Receiving regular treatments to keep a good posture and balance should help you avoid acute lower back pain and neck and shoulder problems.

Reflexology treatments are supportive in helping you stay healthy and well throughout your pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses you can start to experience times of extreme tiredness and a loss of energy. Change in appetite is common in preganancy and sleeping patterns can often be disrupted. Women can develop constipation and on-going nausea which can be very debilitating. Some women can also become anxious and start to worry about the baby and the progress of their pregnancy and this can start to spoil the joy and excitement of their pregnancy.

Being supported and having regular treatments throughout your pregnancy will help you handle your pregnancy more confidently.

I like to share relaxation techniques to help you de-stress and learn how to really rest and relax. Most women I see are working longer into their pregnancy and handling demanding jobs and homes. I also use visualisation work as a positive way to enjoy your pregnancy by bonding and connecting to your growing baby. This is relaxing and pleasant to do and will help you develop skills to use during labour.

Preparation For Birth Work

Many women see giving birth as daunting, scary and even frightening. We all know it will be hard work and most women who have given birth would say it is a painful process. So if we know it will be hard work and painful we really need to prepare ourselves so that we are better able to cope and handle all the stages of our labour. I encourage women to gather together the right information and skills so that they can learn to navigate their birth process in a positive and empowering way.

I can show you how to handle the different stages of labour and help you develop skills and confidence in your ability to handle the birth of your baby. I can help you learn visualisation and relaxation skills which will help support you through your labour. These skills can help you feel more in control through the labour and help you be more confident in asking and directing the people around you so they assist you in the ways you want them to. This will help you to decide what level of pain control you need.

I can also talk through the different birth positions you may want to use so by the time you go in to labour you feel more comfortable about using them. All this work will give you the best possible preparation and support for the birth of your baby.

Fertility Health Work:

I have worked in the area of fertility health over 18 years. I work with women/couples who have been diagnosed with or are experiencing fertility problems. I also work in the area of pre conception health care with women/couples who wish to prepare for a future pregnancy by getting themselves into the best possible health.

My work in Fertility Health Work started in earnest 16 years ago when I found more and more couples were contacting me asking for help. The area of Fertillity had quickly captivated me and together with my husband Richard, I decided to research fertility health in depth. From that research my approach and my treatments have grown to my present understanding. My approach has helped couples achieve a pregnancy where previously they had experienced difficulties or had a medical diagnosis of fertility problems.

My work with couples who have fertility problems is very different to the medical process you may have experienced through your GP, hospital or private fertility centre. The medical approach to fertility difficulties focuses very much on the symptoms and medical conditions that couples may have; Low sperm count, irregular ovulation, ovary problems, polycystic ovaries endometriosis, and hormone imbalances, etc. These are all common symptoms and conditions and reasons given to couples experiencing fertility problems.

I sometimes find the medical approach take a very narrow symptom focused view of couples fertility problems. In contrast I like to take a much wider view, exploring in-depth with women/couples their health and current fertility health in a multi-directional way.

My fertility understanding and the treatments I use are tailored to the individual and couple. I work in a supportive and encouraging way helping couples to focus positively on all levels of their health to try and influance their fertility health. I work with them and explain my understanding of good health, nutrition - fitness, and what can affect and impact on their fertility health. I use and integrate a range of treatments to help influence their current health and possibly their future fertility health.

I have helped couples conceive who have experienced failed IVF programmes, IUI treatments, and undergone extensive hormone drugs programmes to increase and stimulate ovulation.

I have helped women who have been clinically diagnosed with conditions such as polycystic ovaries, irregular ovulation, tubal damage, endometriosis, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

I have also helped men who have had clinical tests showing low sperm counts and also very low sperm counts.

To start My fertility Health Work

My work and treatments with you begin by filling in a comprehensive health questionnaire. Once you have returned this to me I can evaluate and look in-depth at you and your partner's current and past health and medical history. I explore all the possible areas involved in your current fertility difficulties.

Having assessed your level of health from my natural health perspective I arrange to see one or both of you at our centre for a full consultation and treatment assessment. During this assessment I highlight and discuss with you any areas of your health I would want to help you improve. After the assessment I work out an individual treatment programme for one or both of you.

My work and approach is totally natural and is non invasive I use no drugs or proceedures. My aim is to help you improve your health and try to attain better fertility health. My aim is to support you in your desire to have a family and for you to be happy, comfortable, and pro-active in working with me.

  • You can use my work and treatments exclusively as a way to naturally assist and enhance your health
  • You can use my work and treatments in advance of and in preparation for IVF, IUI or with hormone stimulating programmes
  • You can use my work and treatments while attending and undergoing IVF treatments
  • You can use my work and treatments as a natural approach and focus to your fertility health after unsuccessful IVF, IUI or hormone treatments

My work with couples is sensitive and protection of client's confidentiality is total.

Fertility Success Story

Book - A Child is Born

Sally and Ian are clients who completed my Fertility Health Work and treatments. They have given me permission to share their experience of our work with them. Their experience of infertility over four years is to feature as a chapter in the book I am currently writing. My book shares in detail our understanding and knowledge of the many dimensions there are to having and sustaining good health and importantly fertility health. I also share in my book my in-depth approach of working with couples my fertility work and my treatments.

Sally and Ian's experience is a typical example of the situation couples are facing when they first come to see us.

In reading this short synopsis of their situation I hope it gives you a new avenue to explore and consider.

Sally and Ian's Experience:

When I first met Sally she explained she was looking for help to improve her health. Sally looked exhausted and emotionaly fragile and as she began to share with me all she had been through over the last four years she broke down in tears many times. It soon became clear to me that Sally was emotionally and physically drained and as I listened to her she gave me a harrowing account of what she and her husband Ian had endured over the last four years of trying to conceive a baby together.

After taking Sallys medical history from her it confirmed she had undergone several medical tests, exploratory surgery, taken extensive hormone treatments and completed IUI treatment without success. The exploratory surgery she had recently undergone had given her the medical diagnosis of polycystic ovaries and possible tubal damage. To compound the situation her husband Ian's sperm tests consistently gave results of low and very low sperm counts. Their hospital fertility consultant had made it clear to them both that in his opinion their chances of having a baby together naturally were virtually zero. This news was both shocking and emotionally devastating to hear and they both felt totally disheartened by their situation. After digesting what their consultant had said to them they felt they had no option but to save and pay for a more involved form of IVF as it seemed this was their only hope of having a family. However while waiting and saving for the IVF treatment Sally decided to see what other help and advice she could find and having heard about our practice she made an appointment to see me.

After my initial consultation with Sally I explained to her the different levels of treatment and involvement she could consider. I explained in depth my understanding of fertility health and my approach. After our consultation I worked out a comprehensive treatment programme to address the areas of her health that needed attention. I found several health areas that I felt were impacting strongly on her overall health and wellness and over time each one was addressed so that Sally started to become both physically and emotionally strong and healthy. Ians health was also addressed. Ians general health and his continued low sperm count needed to changed if they were going to have any chance of conceiving.

After a few months of working with me Sally and Ian attained an excellent level of health and improved their fertility health and to their delight they naturally conceived. Sally pregnancy was smooth and uncomplicated and her delivery was normal. They are the proud parents of a much loved baby girl.

Sally and Ian had no hospital fertility treatment, medical treatments, or hormone drugs during our work and treatments.

Couples we have helped:

Baby feet

A couple who had been trying for over a year to conceive. They had consulted their GP and had medical tests that showed a low sperm count and irregular ovulation. Offered fertility treatment they decided to wait and to explore what they could do to help themselves. They conceived after seven months.

A couple who had naturally conceived one child, but two years later found they could not conceive again. They conceived a second healthy baby after six months.

A woman, who had undergone major fertility investigations, which produced no clear diagnosis or solution for her on-going infertility. She and her husband had used no form of contraception for many years and had completely resigned themselves to never having a family. She conceived a baby after one year.

A couple who had been diagnosed with infertility problems but medically they were not given any definite or clear information or explanation. Endometriosis was suggested together with possible subtle tubal damage. They were offered IUI together with a hormone drug programme. They did not want to undergo a hormone programme and decided to explore what else they could do. They conceived a baby a year later.

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