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Specialist Practice for the treatment of all Musculo-Skeletal Joint Problems

We pride ourselves in providing the very best service in correcting musculo-skeletal joint problems of any kind. Whether it be an ankle or knee problem or a back or neck related problem, we can usually help.

Whether it be related to sports activities or everyday busy life we may be able to help.

We may be able to help with:-

back problems sciatica neck problems frozen shoulder tennis elbow arthritis
sports injuries migraines foot problems plantar fasciitis ankle problems whiplash injuries
repetitive strains hip problems sports injuries jaw and TMJ problems leg length knee problems
post operative adhesion problems differences supported by shoe inserts

In fact anything to do with muscles, ligaments and joints.

We have run our professional practice in Yarm since 1996.

Our practice is based upon a musculo-skeletal corrective technique called neuro-muscular repatterning. In our hands, this technique is unique in its gentleness and yet extraordinarily effective in correcting anything related to joint musculo-skeletal problems. It is quite different to osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

We have a renowned reputation and expertise in helping to correct problems that have not been helped by any other means, particularly long standing problems which have persisted despite having received other therapeutic interventions.

We have an expertise in helping to resolve post trauma injuries, car accidents such as whiplash, blows to the head and un-resolved sports injuries.

We can help with problems caused by childbirth, including infant problems such as colic, poor sleep, unexplained crying, poor feeding, etc.

The Treatment

Our treatments consist of the application of very precise gentle physical movements to release sprains and strains that we have identified in the first examination. These treatments are applied fully clothed. Over a number of treatments, normal pain free joint movement can usually be restored and inflammation reduced. Most osteopathic and chiropractic treatments involve forceful manipulations. By contrast our treatments are gentle but extremely powerful in correcting problems. Treatments usually finish with remedial massage to the affected area. All our treatments are tailored to suit specific individual needs.

The Nature of Musculo-Skeletal Sprains & Strains

For the sake of simplicity, I will use the generalised term ‘strain’ to include muscular strains and ligament sprains.

Our research has found that very often, strains can be found in the body many months or even years after the causative event. We have found that the body reacts to these strains by protective muscular spasm followed by adaption of the whole body to compensate for the injury event. The body defends these adaptions in a very protective way and they do not correct easily themselves. In fact our research indicates that even exercise, core strengthening techniques and stretching often do not correct the strain. It remains hidden beneath a well compensated protective mechanism. Often there is no pain and it can feel as if the injury has corrected itself. However, repeat injuries or gradual progressive stiffness (or sometimes numbness if there is a trapped nerve) can suggest the existence of an underlying strain that has become stuck. Doctors may suggest that these are the symptoms of ‘wear and tear’ or ‘age’ but our findings often do not go with this generalisation. Most of the time, there is a defined hidden cause underlying. Once that is released, a huge reduction in symptoms occurs. Pain free movement is restored. Very often after correction of these underlying strains, the whole body feels more alive and energised again. We think this is because protected strains consume vast amounts of energy to maintain them. Once corrected, this energy is no longer needed for the body’s compensations and so becomes available to us once more for life and activity!

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Q. I have been given exercises to do for a shoulder problem but they don’t seem to be making much difference.

A. In my experience exercises will only help the body to get stronger. This can help the body to cope with strains more easily but rarely do I find that they truly correct the problem. The underlying problem remains hidden beneath - that is what needs to be corrected. Once corrected, exercises can then be very helpful in creating strength that minimises further strain occurring.

Q. How many treatments does it generally take to correct a problem?

A. Most joint problems take 4 – 6 treatments to make a deep and lasting correction. Younger people tend to fix more quickly than older people, but having said that, I can often still get outstanding results with people over the age of 70. The longer the strain has been there, the more consolidated it becomes and the more treatments it can take to correct it. A 20 year old problem can take 8 – 10 treatments but can still be generally corrected. It pays to come sooner rather than later.

Q. I have had X-rays and scans done and it shows general “wear and tear”. My GP says there’s nothing more can be done and I will have to live with it.

A. Although the general “wear and tear” shown on the scans is hard scientific evidence, this information can sometimes bear little relationship to what the person is experiencing. Many “wear and tear” problems can be improved by 80% or so by our techniques. This is because most “wear and tear” problems are mixed up with underlying sprain patterns that often do not show up on X-rays and scans. Releasing and correcting the sprain patterns often produces pain free movement. This is despite the hard fact that there may still be some joint wear and tear going on.  Perhaps one or two treatments a year is then all that it takes to remain pain free after that; a small price to pay for the freedom of movement and freedom from pain that can be achieved.

Q. What causes these problems to occur. When my back ‘went’ I hadn’t really done anything.

A. Probably this was a ‘last straw’ event. The body is such a good compensator for small strains. It can adapt with muscular support so well that you don’t get to feel these small strains occurring. Our research shows that these small strains can remain for months or even years accumulating until there is no more adaption left in the system. One more insignificant strain is then all it takes to tip the body into a major back or neck problem:- the final straw you might say that we didn’t see coming. Causes of these small strains can be physical such as bending, twisting, posture etc. but they can also be induced emotionally where the body responds physically to life pressure events such as stress, life overload etc. The good news is that it is all perfectly correctable.

Q. Is there anything I can do for myself?

A. I have researched this quite extensively and the results I have found are surprising. I have found that once a strain pattern has occurred, self correction is almost impossible to do. The body simply adapts around the strain. I have found that stretching techniques, exercise, gym work etc. all fail to get the strains out. This is not to say that these things can’t help us. They can help a great deal in relieving the symptoms but the underlying problem often persists and re-occurrence from time to time is common. This is why we may be told that we have a weakness or it relates to our age. I have found however that in most cases these core strains can be corrected by our treatments. Once corrected, exercise can then be very helpful in maintaining the correction and can be very helpful in preventing re-occurrence. Fit bodies are more resistant to physical and emotional stress and tend to have a stronger immune system.

Q. I love running and playing squash but recently I seem to be plagued by injuries. First it was my back, then my knees. Last month, just when I was getting over these things, my ankle started playing up! I’m fed up and can’t seem to get back to my sports. Can you help?

A. These are the classic symptoms of a fundamental strain pattern based around either a lower back strain or a neck misalignment. You may in fact not be aware of either of these because your body is compensating so well. However, in our experience, this is usually the underlying cause of injuries ‘running round the body’. Our treatment regime would be to correct the ankle problem whilst paying attention to any overall body misalignments that may be present. Once this is corrected, the problem should stop reoccurring.

Q. Is there any point in having maintenance treatments.

A. Yes. Just like servicing a car to prevent it from breaking down, it is of great value to have a balanced alignment treatment done once in a while. If you live a “full on” busy life - driving, work, family, computers etc. this erodes the balanced alignment of the joints of the body. Stiffness, tiredness and general aches and pains can eventually occur.  Our maintenance treatments work to release any strain patterns that are present and massage is used to release the aches and stiffness out of the muscles. Nothing feels better than to be pain free, flexible and full of energy!

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